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Lagniappe With Love


Lagniappe With Love was created in 2016 after the devastating floods in Louisiana. We came together as a group with an amazing amount of support to help our fellow Louisianians. We want to continually support the people, communities and organizations of our state as needs arise not only from flooding but also other unfortunate situations. We strive to be a strong, compassionate, locally run organization that will help to empower, embrace, support, restore and enhance the people, communities and organizations of Louisiana.




Since it's inception in 2016, Lagniappe With Love has provided over 10,000 meals to people who experienced great devastation. Also, we provided fully cooked Thanksgiving meals to families in need. Lagniappe With Love cares about the people and organizations throughout Louisiana.



Please feel free to contact us anytime if you know of a fellow Louisiana family in need.  Contact us for any fundraising campaigns.



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